Wednesday, September 16, 2015

An open letter for my future daughter

Dear Future Daughter,

If you're reading this and able to comprehend what's this about, then I must have done something right.

I haven't seen you but I know you're going to be a beautiful lady full of respect to others; I haven't heard your voice but I know someday that voice will sound like a voice of a woman full of experience and the wisdom she'd gotten from those; I haven't experienced your touch, but I know your touch will heal broken people's lives because of your compassion; I haven't looked into your eyes but I know those eyes would never lie.

I want you to know that you could be whoever you want to be. People's judgement will break you. But don't let these judgements define you.

Someday, when you are old enough, you will have all the freedom to decide for yourself. I won't interfere, but know that I am just in the background still looking after you.

Somewhere along you might fall — you will fall — but know that my hands will always be there waiting for you to grab on.

I want you to take your life slowly, live in the present. There's no rush, honey. There are so many exquisite little things in life that could be taken for granted because people tend to look so far ahead, on shiny big things.

Make mistakes. But if I could have a say on this, make mistakes that you wouldn't be ashamed of when you grow up. The kind of mistakes where you could learn a thing or two.

Never be scared of failures. Because from failures, we learn to come up with solutions; Get frustrated, because from frustrations we try harder.

Love wholeheartedly. Love is for everyone. Love doesn't choose. And so even the most difficult people, love them. And don't expect to be loved in return. Because that's what unconditional love is: loving selflessly.

Take risks. Take a leap. Don't settle for the norm. Because in these, you'll find your true self and your true passion.

Always — ALWAYS — follow your heart's desires. These might lead you to opposite ways, even confuse you at times. But the heart knows what's right. And so please, follow it, wherever it may take you.

And most importantly, be genuinely kind. A kind heart goes a long way than a pocket full of dimes.


P.S. Be your own sunshine, baby. Always be a sunshine. So that when you meet people in their darkest days, you could light their lives up. I love you.

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